The Senior Leadership Team

Our Leadership Statement

Leadership is important to the development of any institution including the Church. Leadership must be modeld in the way of Christ. Below is our leadership statement

  1. Servanthood: We believe that all leaders are called to serve and not to be served. It is expected that our members will respect the authority that God has ordained and given to the leaders. However, in retrospect leaders are not to abuse their authority but rather look at this as an opportunity to serve the Lord by serving those that follow them. Our Example is the Lord as he dealt with his disciples.
  2. Transformational: Leaders have the mandate to think about positive transformation in the areas of ministry under them. They encourage their teams to innovate and think about solutions in the environment we operate in.
  3. Inspirational: We hold every leader responsible to inspire hope, confidence and vision in those they lead.
  4. Dependancy on God: Leaders ought to draw their strength from God who has called them in that particular area of ministry.
  5. Love: Leaders are called to love even when it is difficult to love.
  6. Respect: There must be mutual respect. We know that respect is not demanded of those that follow you but is earned through your lifestyle and leadership.

Our Senior Leaders

Rev. Dr. Stephen N. Mbogo

Stephen is a founding pastor of the Living Word Church in Mathare North. He has  a PHD in intercultural studies from Biola University and acts as the Chair of The Board of Trustees 

Rev. Dr. Rosemary Mbogo

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Pastor Oliver Agufa

Pst. Oliver is the head of Christian Ministry at the Living Word Church. he Holds a masters degree in Theology from Africa International University. He is married to Josephine and have 3 Children.

Mr. Johnstone Ndunde

Johnstone is the Chair of the Church Board. He is married to  Esther Ndunde. He has extensive experience in management and has a passion for those in need in Mathare