The Mathere Community Center

Our Current project

At the moment, we are in the process of constructing the Mathare Community Center (MCC). MCC will be the center and engine for our activities in this community once completed.

Envisaged to house the Church, a clinic, A community Library, a Community meeting hall and Business incubators (places where experimental business ideas grow from). This will be the nerve center for our operations.

In 2012, we took a bold step and acquired land within Mathare. 

After doing some feasibility studies, we then embarked on building a 3 story building that will meet our needs for spaces needed to work from in order to serve our community better. 

The plan was going to cost USD 300,000 to finish the building and for programmatic initiation. 

This project is now 50% percent complete  

We are accepting donations through the foundation for peace website to enable us complete this noble project.

Community Engagement

Our Projects

At the Living Word Church, we minister not  only to the physical needs of the people but their spiritual needs as  well. 

Our projects are structured around the theme of Hope translated in Kiswahili word Tumaini. We do this through the following community transformational  activities:

  1. Tumaini School
  2. Tumaini Beads
  3. Tumaini Bakery
  4. Tumaini Tailoring

Tumaini Beads and Tailoring

The church has empowered  women to take charge of their lives through small group or individual  businesses. The Tumaini beads and tailoring are such groups. The women are  creating bead works and selling them to the community as well as the  larger population and sometimes to visitors abroad. This has afforded  them smiles and food on their table. 

Tumaini School

 The Tumaini School was established in the year 2002. A quality school in the  Slums of Mathare in Nairobi, Tumaini is a center of educational hope and  excellence. 


Today, Tumaini is home to over 400 needy pupils that are accessing education and a good lunch on a daily basis.

From  its inception we have seen tremendous growth for the school, starting  from a tin building to now well lit classes in a permanent building.  This has been a major  reason to celebrate in Mathare. The performance of the school on National examinations has been on a steady  rise. In 2017 results we had a mean score of 344 marks out of a  possible 500 mark for all the 38 students. 

Tumaini Bakery


 This is a project that is run by the church. Bread, cakes and other  small bakery items are produced in this bakery. We are glad that though  this business is still young and has not peaked, it has a lot of future  hope as we shall be in a position to employ a number of people from the  slums of Nairobi.  

The Tumaini Bakery has been limited by the lack of consistent electricity.  Once they move into the new  Mathare Community Center, we expect that we can reinvigorate this project. 

We have a vision and determination that we will see to it that we are baking different types of bread to sell to the local community at affordable prices. In doing so the  community will access clean bread and the church will be able to make  money out of the sale while providing employment opportunities. 

Home based Care for HIV/AIDS patients

We seek to love and care for those infected and affected with the scourge of HIV/AIDS that has caused untold suffering in Africa. 

Currently we have more than thirty patients that are under our care. Our hope is that our love to them will inspire confidence in them besides the  knowledge that is required for them to access drugs and other help offered by the government and other non governmental institutions.